Board Of Directors

Kim Andresen, Director

Kim Andresen was born and raised in Olympia on a small family farm. Her career has taken her from drafting in land surveying to engineering and commercial site development for a local developer. As an active volunteer in the community, she has served the Children’s Medical Center for 40 years, volunteered at Saint Martin’s University for 18 years, completed the Susan G. Komen Foundation 3-day 60 mile fundraiser walk, and is currently a five-year member of the Providence Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy Program. Kim is inspired by the mission of this board and committed to its long-term success.

Andrea Drewry, Director
Vice President

Along with her husband, Andrea owns and operates A-Line Land Surveying LLC in Thurston County. She belongs to a family impacted by cystic fibrosis and understands how it affects not only the well-being of the individual with the condition, but also the well-being of other family members and the family as a whole. Because of this, Andrea has been an active member of Cystic Fibrosis Northwest for many years. She has participated in many fundraising events as well as the day-to-day operations. In 2018, Andrea decided to join the board as vice-president. She is looking forward to seeing CFNW grow and expand its reach.

Mike Burkhart, Director

Keri Hodge, Director

Cindy Hambly. Director

Cindy Hambly has dedicated her career to helping those with medical needs, and she recently retired after 29 years with Thurston County Medic One. She has also served as a volunteer firefighter, was a member of a Federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team, Thurston County Incident Management Team and participated in the Providence Animal Assisted Therapy program, visiting hospital patients with her dog Bailey. Cindy was a founding member of Cystic Fibrosis Northwest’s predecessor organization, and looks forward to continuing this important work as a Board member.